Experience the Hulder of Norway!

Magic experience

The legends tells…

  • The word “Hulder” means “covered” or “secret”.
  • A Hulder is a seductive forest creature found in Norwegian folklore.
  • The hulder is one of several “rå”(keeper, warden), including the aquatic “sjørå” (or “havfrue”), later identified with a mermaid, and the “bergrå” in caves and mines who made life tough for the poor miners
  • A multitude of places in Scandinavia are named after the Hulders, often places by legend associated with the presence of the “hidden folk”.
  • Hulderheim is southeast on the island Karlsøya in Troms, Norway. The name means “Home of the Hulder”.
  • “Hulder of Norway” can be hired for your outdoor event.
  • Watch the Hulders dance under the magic aurora, or maybe under the fascinating midnight sun.

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Guillermo Maytorena - November 1, 2018 Reply

Can’t seem to find Hulderheim on a map of Karlsøya, Do you have GPS coordinates for it, or know someone who does? Working on a Norse Mythology map, so if you could let me know I’d appreciate that.

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