2 Experience the Hulder of Norway!

Magic experience

The legends tells…

  • The word “Hulder” means “covered” or “secret”.
  • A Hulder is a seductive forest creature found in Norwegian folklore.
  • The hulder is one of several “rå”(keeper, warden), including the aquatic “sjørå” (or “havfrue”), later identified with a mermaid, and the “bergrå” in caves and mines who made life tough for the poor miners
  • A multitude of places in Scandinavia are named after the Hulders, often places by legend associated with the presence of the “hidden folk”.
  • Hulderheim is southeast on the island Karlsøya in Troms, Norway. The name means “Home of the Hulder”.
  • “Hulder of Norway” can be hired for your outdoor event.
  • Watch the Hulders dance under the magic aurora, or maybe under the fascinating midnight sun.

Hulder of Norway

One of the most common folklore creatures in Norway is Huldra, a pretty, humanlike female creature with a cow tail. She is famous for tricking men into the wilderness, and they do not always return. Huldra is eager to marry a human man. She follows a lonely man in the forrest, and is an expert in turning herself into a copi of his loved one.

The Hulderpeople are very musical and one can often hear their music and singing in the forest at night.